Eat Dumplings and Enjoy a Happy Life

My husband and I decided to start this company simply because we want to share our delicious happy dumplings with everyone we know plus the many we don’t. I am native to Utah and my husband is from Darjeeling, India as is the recipe for these amazing dumplings which has been passed down from generation to generation.

The first time I tried these dumplings was also the first time I met my husband’s Ama (Mom), Didi (Sister), and  his Nieces and Nephew, they were all huddled around their very small kitchen creating these beautiful and delicious pieces of art. I will never forget the aroma that greeted me as we entered the house, it was a smell that filled you with immediate comfort and hunger, which was followed by smiles, hugs, and A Namaste (Hello). Although my husband’s Ama doesn’t speak very much English, we bonded right away, she immediately ushered me to sit down and before I knew it there was a huge mound of delicious dumplings or they call “Momo’s” in front of me they were accompanied by what we have named Ama G’s salsa, which is no joke! This salsa is made with a chili native to Darjeeling that is as hot or hotter than a habenero pepper ours is modified but still very spicy. She uses up to five in a cups worth, so yeah…., It’s spicy and it’s flavor with the dumplings is mind blowing. After eating my fair share (like 10) I was sooooo full and overly happy. Which is when we discovered the name Happy Dumpling because that is exactly how you will feel while eating our momo’s (dumplings).

Our dumplings are made with our own two hands and hearts we put our heart and souls into these dumplings and have fun while we do it. We hope you can taste and feel it through our Happy Dumplings and homemade salsa and sauces.

"Have a Happy Dumpling Day"